Coconuts: Nature’s Sustainable Superfood!

Sustainability shouldn’t be a buzzword. It’s a way of operating a business with integrity and positively impacting the planet. It’s also about treating our employees, business partners, and everyone we interact with fairly and respectfully. 

Protecting the Planet

We take several steps to minimize our impact on the environment. First and foremost, we work only with farmers who practice responsible, organic farming, with no pesticides. As a result, our operations promote healthy biodiversity.

We also have a zero-waste policy that’s aided by our research and development of coconut co-products like KokoChill—husk fibers we use for insulating product shipments. In addition, we’re involved in bioplastics R&D.

Partnering With Great People

Our commitment to farmers who grow and harvest coconuts for us includes positive working conditions, fair wages, and a focus on improving local economies. 

In short, we truly appreciate our people and have a deep and unwavering respect for human rights.  

Delivering an Excellent Product

Kokomio beverages are made from locally sourced ingredients with no transpacific shipping required. And when we fulfill online orders, we keep our perishable beverages cool using our environmentally friendly, compostable, and highly insulating KokoChill packing material. 

We also have rigorous farm-to-bottle quality assurance processes and practice vertical integration in our business, which means we have full control of product quality. At every stage of production, we are able to ensure our decisions benefit the planet, people, and product.

Producing a Positive Brand Experience

We make products people love!


Our beverages are organic, non-GMO, healthy, and natural. And the four Kokomio “beach in a bottle” drinks deliver incredible flavor with no added sugars. We want our customers to enjoy life and get the real beach experience–enjoying life, health, planet, and people.