Kokomio is committed to developing clean and sustainable products that help our people and the environment.

Here’s how we’re bringing that to life:

We love our people

We create job opportunities for people in Guerrero by not using animals to harvest our coconuts (unfortunately, that’s a real thing in the coconut industry). We also help local farmers acquire technology to improve the coconut farming process, making it sustainable at the source.
20 happy factory workers holding up Kokomio bottles


People often think of coconut beverages as better-for-you products. Yet the industry is plagued by reports of deforestation, animal cruelty, inadequate worker wages and impoverished working conditions. We want to change that.

As we started manufacturing, we found the amount of waste from the husks and shells was huge. If we are a small company, imagine the amount of waste coming from the industry as a whole. We couldn’t allow this to happen.
Closeup picture of Coconut husk packing material
After testing our coconut fiber from the husk waste, we found it has amazing insulation properties, eliminating the need for Styrofoam peanuts and other petroleum-based packaging materials. This means we can transport the beach in a bottle to you in an eco-friendly way. Better yet, these coconut husk insulation packs can be reused or repurposed as mulch, compost, and more.

The only piece left on the coconut is the shell.

We’re currently researching how we can use the shell to create a sustainable activated charcoal, allowing us to truly use the entire coconut in our process.

Being closer to the U.S. market also reduces the carbon footprint created by cargo ships coming from Asia, where 90% of the coconuts used to make coconut-based beverages available in the U.S. today are grown.


Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word for us – it’s a way of living with purpose, working with integrity and positively impacting the planet. And we want you to know when you buy our refreshing coconut beverages, you’re doing the same.

Close-in picture of a dozen coconuts in field