Brand Story


Coconut beverages have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. Our founder, Alan, grew up sipping them while playing in the sand, relaxing under swaying Guerrero palms and vacationing that Mexican beach life. When he decided to make a coconut beverage of his own, he knew he had to create something that would make his community proud, something that helped people feel refreshed, something that tasted like home. So home is where it all started. 
Our business is family-run, and everything is locally sourced, from our coconuts to our production facilities. We’re committed to delivering quality and freshness, from the moment we pick our coconuts from family farms to the moment their sweet taste reaches your lips. That’s why our coconuts are sourced locally, juiced in our local production facilities, tested to meet our superior flavor profile standards and bottled without ever leaving Mexico. This also helps us reduce.


We’re also reducing our carbon footprint by finding ways to use the entire coconut, not just the meat and liquid that go into our delicious beverages. We turn spent coconut husks into insulated shipping packs that can be reused or repurposed as mulch, compost, and are working on more ways to reduce waste that and helps the planet.


We’re 100% real. Our superior coconuts are hand-picked at their prime and bottled locally without ever leaving Mexico. This ensures they have just the right touch of natural sweetness, as well as rehydrating electrolytes, heart-healthy fats, an abundance of minerals and flavors so fresh your taste buds will be transported straight to Guerrero’s beautiful beaches.

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