Here at Kokomio, we make refreshing beverages that are just right for your busy life. Each bottle is bursting with the benefits of whole, young coconuts and a light, fresh taste that helps you take control of where you want to go.

Features and benefits of Kokomio include:

  • A complete coconut experience
  • A delicious taste unlike anything currently in the marketplace
  • Unique bottle structure design and branding
  • USDA organic, project verified NON-GMO

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Our palm trees — along with abundant sunshine, tropical breezes and regular rainfall — are the source of the most delicious coconuts. Our drinks use the entire coconut – the meat and the water. That allows us to capture not only the delicious flavor of Guerrero coconut, but also the abundant minerals and heart-healthy fats that make coconut a standout in the wellness department.  

The RealCoconutExperience

Busy morning that calls for sustained energy?

Chill afternoon on the couch to recover and rehydrate from a long bike ride?

We don’t add sweetener of any kind because our coconuts are perfectly sweetened, naturally. We power you up without taking you down. It’s deliciously simple.

Flavors to try

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