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The real coconut experience is

Refreshing Energizing. Simply Delicious Naturally Sweet

Tastes like the beach in a bottle

Kokomio is a unique beverage that blends coconut water and pulp together for a taste that’s richer than water, lighter than a smoothie, and more refreshing than both.


Our coconuts come from the palm trees in beautiful Guerrero, Mexico, which produce the most delicious coconuts you’ll ever taste. They’re naturally lower in sugar than other coconuts, which means they provide the perfect amount of sweetness without any of the added sugar.


Each bottle of Kokomio is packed with sweet benefits. We’re talking rehydrating electrolytes, heart-healthy fats, an abundance of minerals and flavors so fresh your taste buds will be transported straight to Guerrero’s beautiful beaches.


We’re dedicated to becoming a zero-waste company.

That’s why we blend both coconut pulp and liquid into each bottle of Kokomio. We also transform spent coconut husks into insulated shipping packs, transporting the beach in a bottle to you in an eco-friendly way. Better yet, these coconut husk insulation packs can be reused or repurposed as mulch, compost, and more.

Drinking Kokomio at the beach

“From the beginning, we saw a need for continued support and economic opportunities for the coconut growers in Guerrero. Creating a pure organic coconut beverage, like the ones I enjoyed in Acapulco in my childhood, seemed to be the right choice.”

Alan Cohen

Head Coconut, Founder

What will you find in every bottle of kokomio?

Influencer Stepfanie Tyler with Kokomio