You've never tasted
a coconut beverage
like this before.

Each bottle is bursting with the benefits of
real, refreshing, right-from-the-tree coconuts.

The RealCoconutExperience

Kokomio Original

We call this The Original because it’s just that: the OG. It’s the perfect blend of coconut’s liquid goodness and pulp with just a hint of natural sweetness.

USDA Organic

Non-GMO Project certified

Made in Mexico

Kokomio Cold Brew

Coconut? Good. Coffee? Good. Cold Brew Coffee Kokomio? Gooooood. Our team developed the perfect mix of coffee’s slightly bitter notes and coconut’s sweet goodness to create this energizing blend infused with the same caffeine as a cup o’ joe.

Kokomio with Cacao

Guerrero, Mexico isn’t just famous for its coconut palms. It also produces some of the world’s best chocolate, so of course we had to put coconut and chocolate together for this little number. Kokomio with Cacao is like chocolate milk on incredibly delicious steroids.

Kokomio with Pineapple Juice

If you like piña coladas, you’ll love Kokomio Pineapple. Made with juice from Mexico’s famous pineapples (yup, we’re famous for those, too!), this blend is like a beach vacation in a bottle.

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