Kokomio Journey


The refreshing taste of coconut is a huge part of growing up in Mexico. We have fond memories of sipping coconut beverages while playing or relaxing in our backyard beaches. As we got older, we realized there was an opportunity to give the U.S. market a taste of the beaches we grew up loving while also supporting our local coconut farmers in Guerrero.


We went to work to produce the world’s best organic coconut beverage and soon found the perfect recipe: a unique blend of coconut’s liquid goodness and pulp made from the sweetest coconuts in Mexico. It brought our taste buds right back to those childhood days at the beach, but we couldn’t just let our taste buds do the testing.

We bottled up our recipe and brought it to Expo West in California. Consumers confirmed our belief: our real coconut experience was delicious, refreshing, and tasted like a much-needed day at the beach.


We’d cracked the perfect recipe, but we knew we couldn’t be successful in the marketplace without the right branding. We began to define our goals and strategy with the help of The Intertwine Group, experts in the natural food and beverage industry, and turned to MHD Group, branding and marketing experts in California, to find our look and voice in the market. We redesigned our bottles, revamped our style, and Kokomio was officially born.


We were set to relaunch at Expo West in March of 2020. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but we’re excited to launch in stores soon.

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